6 Reasons Why You Should Grill More
6 Reasons Why You Should Grill More
6 Reasons Why You Should Grill More
6 Reasons Why You Should Grill More
6 Reasons Why You Should Grill More
6 Reasons Why You Should Grill More

6 Reasons Why You Should Grill More

Studies have shown that there are several ways to cook your meal that is healthier and delicious for you. There are various articles on how some foods are good for you while some foods are not and there are those who tell you that frying is not good for your health and that you should choose to grill your meat instead!

We totally agree!


Grilling is one of the most simple and ancient methods of cooking! It is actually a great way of cooking your meat as there are way more health benefits and it is better for your overall health.


Grilling is one of the best ways of bonding with your friends and family! Imagine this ... No matter the weather, no matter the temperature, you call your friends and / or family, buy your favorite food, fire up your favorite SILO grill, and enjoy your meal around the fire or even on the table as you can sit and grill silmutaneously!

YES! SILO grill is also a table grill ...



You and your loved ones can experience a table-grill night by gathering around the SILO grill, on top of the table since it's 100% safe and secure that your favorite table will be untouched, and have a long night grilling, drinking and laughing! 


From steaks to burgers, from vegetables to fruits, from hot dogs to sausages, from chicken to fish, the type of food you can grill is a lot and you have a lot of options.


And .. you know what's the best part of all of these? That grilling is not just FUN ... It's HEALTHY too! Experts recommend grilling instead of frying or placing your food on the stove. It is the most beneficial kind of cooking for those who are careful about their calorie intake and their cholesterol levels.


That being said, here are the 6 reasons why you should grill more.


1. Grilling your food, you can eat less fat!


Grilling your food means that you will eat less fat. Especially, with SILO grill and it's unique design, the excess fat will drop in the special plate and not on the charcoals which can generate bursts of intense flames that can harm your food. Instead of this, at grilling vertical like with SILO grill, what you will intake are just pure protein and the lean meat!


2. Grilling your vegetables ... is GOOD for YOU!


Grilling is not only for meat lovers. Vegetables are also so delicious when they are grilled! They can keep all their natural vitamins and minerals if grilled!  By frying or boiling vegetables they lose the majority of all their healthy nutrients. Wrap your vegetables in a tin foil or just place them immediately on top of your grill. 

Cooking your vegetables this way, you can keep their nutritional value instead of boiling them or fry them.



3. The meat can retain its nutrients.


Like with the vegetables, by grilling your meat you can be reassured that it will keep its nutrients. These nutrients, like its natural riboflavin and thiamine, are naturally found in the meat and are the most suitable for those who want to have a healthy diet. 


4. You reduce butter and oil consumption ...


Cooking your vegetables and meat in a pan usually requeires butter or oil. This is not the best option for your health. But grilling your vegetables and meat, you can have tasty and juicy food as the grill itself helps to lock the moisture of your food without you having to use and butter or oil.

Simply as that, your SILO grill will do the job for you!


5. It increases your outdoor activities!


Grilling your food most of the times requires you to go outdoors and going outdoors means that you can do other activities with your friends and family. While you are grilling your food, you can throw a frisbee with your pet, save a ball with the kids, fish, and many many other activities! There is no doubt that grilling outdoors is a stress reliever and promotes a healthier lifestyle.



6. It gives your food more flavor!


Who doubts that grilled food is not tasty ?? Grilling naturally releases food flavor, and it tastes better than having to cook it in a pan. Because of this you will be able to enjoy your meals more.


What are you waiting for ??

Grab your SILO grill and call your beloved ones for your next SILO grill meeting! Enjoy !!