The Ultimate Guide to SILO-Grilling

The Ultimate Guide to SILO-Grilling

Grilling is a fun way to prepare a meal year round. Charcoal grills comparing to other grills give food even more flavor. Quick-cooking foods like hot dogs, burgers, and many vegetables can be cooked over an open grill.


STEP 1: Place the desired amount of charcoal at the special central chamber. This way you will only need 1/3 of the coal usually needed for grilling since you can use all the available heating. 





STEP 2: Using a fire starter cube, light the charcoals and wait a few minutes to burn adequately. Depending on the food you want to grill you can decide the level of temperature, high or low. 




STEP 3: Once the charcoals are ready you are ready to place your food on the grill. You can place the skewers on both sides, use the SILO cage or the SILO balcony. And also the top plate of the grill. Silo grill gives you plenty of choices to choose from :)





STEP 4: Cooking your food. Due to the unique design of Silo Grill, you can take advantage of the indirect grilling helping your food to cook thoroughly. Whether you want to cook fast or slow food, Silo Grill will cover your needs!




If you love cooking outdoors, the Silo Grill is the tool you’re looking for.

Create tasty, tantalizing meals with the flip of a lid. You don't just get a grill – you get a grill that satisfies.



Extra tip: 

Place your food on the grill when it's hot. Waiting a minute before placing your food on the grill. Place quick-cooking foods directly over the coals. Foods that take longer to cook should be placed on the side of the coals so they can receive indirect heat. Brush a little oil on your grill surface before you place the food on it. This will also help prevent sticking.

So, what will you cook on the grill this weekend?