How to avoid harmful substances from the grill

How to avoid harmful substances from the grill

Incorrectly grilled meat from the barbecue is highlighted as a major source of carcinogens in the food.

However, according to the Danish Technological Institute, it is easy to avoid the harmful substances.

Summer time is sea time, which often goes to grill time. The Danes are the world's most popular people who have the greatest number of grills per. inhabitants, but wrongly grilled meat can be a significant source of Danish intake of carcinogens, the so-called roast and smoke mutations.

However, the harmful substances in the meat can easily be avoided.

- By following simple advice, when grilling, prepare meat with good food quality and with a minimal amount of carcinogens, says senior project manager Margit Dall Aaslyng, Danish Technological Institute.

The Danish Technological Institute concludes on the basis of experiments that indirect heat is the most gentle barbecue method.

- It is important to note that the closer the meat is placed to the heat source, the greater the risk of forming the mutagenicity. Cooking with indirect heat turns out to be the most gentle cooking method that was optimal for, for example, chops, says Margit Dall Aaslyng.

- You can use the surface color of the meat as a benchmark for the content of roast mutations. Therefore, the well-known advice about avoiding burning the meat, or before serving, to cut the broke part of the meat away, remains very good advice, says Margit Dall Aaslyng.

Marinade keeps meat healthier

A marinade containing antioxidants can also prevent the formation of rodent mutagens. The Danish Technological Institute has developed three different marine routes with high antioxidant potential in previous experiments. The marinades were based on oregano and the berries sumak and acerola. Consumers got marinated chops to the grill and evaluated the taste. The marinade based on oregano was evaluated most positively and at the same time gave a low content of roast mutations, while the pure acerol-based marinade was not as poplular.

Good advice to grill healthier

Bread meat from the barbecue may contain carcinogens called roast mutagenic. The Danish Technological Institute provides good advice to avoid the harmful substances.

  • - Turn the meat every 2 minutes. Take off the meat on time (up to 65 ° C in the center) It provides juicy meat with a minimum of harmful roast mutations.
  • - Grill the meat by indirect heat: The most gentle cooking method is indirect heat, and here the meat also has a good eating quality. The closer the meat is to the heat source, the greater the risk of harmful substances forming.
  • - Marinade Your Meat: Previous experiments have shown that meat marinated in a marinade containing antioxidants does not form the harmful roast mutations to the same extent as meat without marinade.
  • - Do not burn the meat - or cut the brisk part of: Most people know the message of not eating broken meat because of the content of roast mutations. Experiments with the Danish Technological Institute showed that the meat was consistently darkest by grilling over direct heat. Therefore, cook the meat during grilling.

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