Why Fall Is The Best Grilling Season!

Why Fall Is The Best Grilling Season!


Do not let a chill in the air keep you from your favorite way to cook ...

As we transition into autumn, it's as good a time as ever to fire up the grill and cook up some delicious eats for friends and family.

Fall is no time to put your grill in storage. The cooler season does not only make it more comfortable to stand by a sweltering fire, but it also provides a host of seasonal goodies to put over the flames.




You know what's better than standing in front of the grill and sweating? Standing in front of the grill and not sweating. You can do that in fall, and that's why fall is the best grilling season. Yes, the best. Forget summer.

You can still hold a beer in front of the coals, after the temperature drops below 20°C. You can still slow-cook vegetables, marinate meats, and char breads with yellow, orange, and brown leaves beneath your feet. You just do it with a sweater on.














So grab your favorite SILO, get your food of choice AND The time to grill, as it always is, is now.

Fire up your SILO grill and get ready for some serious smoke.

With so many delicious seasonal vegetables that are begging to be cooked over a live fire, fall ice cream for sure no time to put the grill away!